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I just say what you probably were thinking ..

Buying Twitter Followers

I had someone approach me on Twitter today with a website link.   I do check these sites out but I make sure my virus filter is updated .. hehe.

Today was a great find … a source to purchase followers for Twitter, and purchase likes on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.  Wow this is amazing, for only $180 you can purchase 100,000 Twitter Followers .. instant fame!

There is a catch though ..  These followers are as phony as a 3 Dollar Bill .. They are “In-actives”

Purchase Twitter Followers Ad

You are purchasing inactive accounts.

Many so called gurus and celebrities are faking their accounts by this extremely cheap method of “Follower Fortification”.

Warning .. you can easily get caught ..

Apparently Lady Gaga’s PR firm purchased millions of fake and inactive Twitter accounts to make her better (hehe) than she really is.


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  1. Reblogged this on Flower Blossoms' Blog and commented:
    “These followers are real followers but are not active.” So much for instant fame from non-active Twitter followers.

    Comment by Francis Unson | August 30, 2012 | Reply

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